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If you're tired of using credit cards for the holidays or want to figure out how to find cash for the holidays, this challenge is for you!


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5 days. 5 action steps. $500 added to your holiday budget!

Working on Your Money Mindset

We'll dig into that fact that how you feel about money actually is holding you back from controlling your budget!

Learning How to Do a No-Spend Week

Our 5 days together will be a part of our 'no spend week'. You'll learn the 3 types of no-spend weeks and how you can make it fit your life (and save you money)

Stretching Your Grocery Budget

During this week, you'll learn how to create meals from your pantry and find at least $100 sitting in you home!

Places you can save!

Day 4 covers all of the places you can call to decrease your bills and save money THIS MONTH!

How to Make Money!

We'll cover places you can make money as a busy mom that fit into your life and schedule!

Ready for the  Find $500 Challenge?

I can't wait to help you discover how you can find money and keep on budget this holiday! Let's not go into 2020 with more debt! 


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Who's behind this challenge?

Cara Harvey is the founder of A Purpose Driven Mom - the blog, podcast and coaching program. She's a wife and mom of a 2, 4 and 13 year old. 

Cara was a former teacher - burnt out and struggling with debt. She's been able to use her budgeting systems to not only thrive during a huge financial struggle but be able to decrease debt and go after her dreams!